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Yep my passion lies in that area. Wanted to learn more about the prospects of the role in supporting PMs.
Compared to my other offer as a business analyst, which role will have a better prospect?
Tbh u canít start being a portfolio manager. You are nowhere near the skills when u just graduated from a local uni (knowing how ďgoodĒ the modules are designed)
Most ppl are doing performance analysis and support before they are handed over a relatively smaller port to prove their abilities but u need to make sure u are under a front office team and not a glorified back office role (nth bad abt this cos Iím in one, but just make sure u are not tricked into being the support saikang forever)

Donít go to b*s small shops be front office. Chances are u canít jump off as easy as u think + u will be put at worse situation as years go back cos u also canít qualify for a middle/back office cos your skills quite irrelevant

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