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All, I'm going to interview for a senior sec ops role. Basically defensive security. Vulnerability mgmt, incident response, managing IDS/IPS etc.

I have 5 years exp as a sysadmin doing incident response, troubleshooting, asset mgmt/security, and all the general infra/network IT stuff.

I also now have 1 year exp in sec ops doing incident response, writing SOPs, providing user trainings, and all the typical ops stuff (IDS/DAM/IAM/EDR/SIEM etc). Never did SOC though. Had vSOC for that.

I have Sec+ and Cysa+ but no CISSP yet.

Any idea what kind of salary I should be asking for? According to the recruiter, it apparently goes up to $9k but I doubt I have enough specialised security experience to ask for that.
I would say you can actually ask for at least $7-$8k depending on the industry you are gonna work for, FI definitely can pay at least $8-9k no issue. But before you go for the interview, do know what is your career path and see if it aligns with your goal.
So basically, SOC engineer or SOC analyst?
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