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From a pure practice pragmatic perspective I find Fam Med the most boh hua. On one hand you supposed to bao ke liao. Make you learn so many things in great breadth. How much depth you want to go is actually also up to you. No end one. But on the other hand even if you had the breadth and depth, they make it such that you cannot really charge like a specialist or do work that specialist can do. What for man? You see complex multiple medical problem patient spend 30 min but you can only charge for like 5-10 min worth. So you know so much for what? Pride? I think if the plan is stay in the public sector and climb rank play politics and get posts then ok la do MMed Fam Med. Otherwise forget it lah go GP land and just churn the volume. Take all the easiest cases. Difficult cases send to OPS. Also the medication much cheaper if such patients got so many meds one go OPS.
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