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Hi all,
Im interested to know more about the FLP. Can anyone whos in FLP share how you were invited to join FLP? (Possibly also what was your age, substantive grade and what commitments you were undertaking around the time you were emplaced to FLP)? My HOD briefly mentioned about FLP as he was a PSC scholar then, but not too sure about the inner workings about it.

How can I go about to increase my chances?
Sample size of two:

1- female, non-scholar, emplaced at 5 YOE (GEO4) while serving a FHQ posting. Late 20s

2- male, local scholar, emplaced at 5 YOE (GEO4) in first year as a subject head in a school. Early 30s

Invitation was via email from the relevant HR people. It's centrally managed and decision makers don't lie within the school.

Nobody really knows how it works. But generally you have to be young and your CEP needs to be high. How high? Don't know. PSC scholar status may guarantee it, but other scholarships may not guarantee it. You could also get it as a non-scholar if your CEP has been beefed up enough.
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