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Not sure of this is the right thread to ask, but does anyone know if it is easy to get gp/FM training jobs overseas in English speaking countries like UK, Canada, USA, Australia, new Zealand.

I am thinking of going overseas to practice for a while and potentially migrate there for good. I understand that I will have to redo all training and the pay likely not as good as Singapore. But I am just bored of Singapore and it's healthcare tbh.

(Background: I studied in UK but left after FY1 back in 2016)
For UK I think you have to go back and finish FY2 or if you got MRCP/other competencies can try to get a CREST form signed off. Probably need to restart your GMC membership etc. Only after that (completed of foundation programme/CREST) can you apply for specialty training. It is very easy to get GP training now, no interview, just study for an exam called MSRA. 50% SJT type question and 50% clinical knowledge (GP type of knowledge e.g. contraception). Based on how you score you are ranked against all candidates and you rank all your job locations.

After finishing UK GP training, can go to Canada, Aus, NZ quite easily, all recognise UK GP training. No need USMLE equivalent for Canada. Think it is worth a consideration. If not live the locum GP life. Can probably live well in a LCOL area or even the Highlands/Scottish Islands type of rural life if you want.

source: got a GP offer in a good location but doing another more competitive specialty that needed to do the MSRA exam
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