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I can't resist but to say my 2 cents.

I'm an engineer who also got my MBA last year. Intially, I also have the aspiration to join IB etc for the $. But then I realize, it's an uphill battle. I decided to pursue doing what I am doing (procurement) and move into a banking institution. Pay is good. Better than outside. A D in IB can earn high 6 digits. The D in my department i guess earn half of that but still, a pay check of that amount still makes life comfortable. You may not drive a Bently but I'll still settle for a BMW or Jag. Plus you have less stress and you get to spend more time with your kids. If any retrenchment going on, IB goes first as we are the ones that save money and makes the whole system ticks. Moreover, the interview is less rigourous. You don't have to sit for test. Just need to know your stuff well and how to relate

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