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Always remember that economics and authority sit with who raised the capital. That's not 25 year old hot **** VC analysts. What skills do you bring to the table as a VC analyst anyway? There's some title inflation going on so some associates are even titled as Partners. But life is the same - you can source all you want, the managing partners make the call. A lot of the inflation happened in hot markets. Many entrepreneurs don't even give a **** about you, but are only polite because you are in between them and the capital they want to get. VC also sucks on a mgmt fee / invmt professional basis unless you're at a Sequoia or something.

There's probably 5 years of your life that you'll have to invest in learning (1) complexity (2) processes. Appreciating the complexity in businesses across industries and stages. Complexity in financial modelling, structuring, legal docs, diligence. Processes in running diligence processes, putting the right things up to committee internally. You can learn this in IB, PE, or even some serious VCs (for VC more so in a in a portfolio management stage, esp if you have significant influence on governance, not the investment stage and definitely not syndicate free-riders). Maybe consulting but those guys have 0 ownership over any asset and just churn pretty slides. FYI VC term sheets, financial analysis and memos do NOT constitute complexity.

After that, you start being valuable to other firms and will be hired into roles where you can take the lead on processes.

I am not some boomer who thinks there's only 1 way to earn your rank or pay. Pay is a function of demand and supply and you can be paid anywhere from $50k to $200k p.a. as a VC analyst for all I care. But some things you have to get competent at, and that's not from deploying easy money in a hot market and attending DeFi conferences with fellow apes.
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