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Lol it doesn't pay to take career advice from boomers and the older generation, since they're information and data points are backward looking. They can only advise based on past experience, which is not indicative of future trends.

12 years ago accounting was still somewhat decent, albeit not the most prestigious (the Top 3 was medicine, dentistry and law at least for NUS), but the cracks were already showing at the seams. I still remember BAcc looking down on BBA thinking that the latter was less prestigious or rigorous.

The prestige of the course went downhill rapidly after 2012-2013.

With the rise of CS as the next newest prestigious major, lots of kids that couldn't or didn't want to study the Top 3 courses quickly hopped onto the CS bandwagon when they would have otherwise chosen Acc.
What seems to have changed around the 2012-2013 period are:
- Introduction of the local CPA CA exams
- Floodgate to bring in the JHK
- More foreigners filling up the sexy bank jobs, especially the high paying ones

Surely the kids witness these happening/been told by their parents/mentors of the reality happening out there.

With higher paying jobs available in other field which require less hours and lower stress, who in the right mind would torture themselves to do Acc and join the big 4 for "sense of achievement" and "self-satisfaction"? These people clearly doesn't understand what are opportunity costs involved.
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