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Ya i agree with wad u said. And I love working in BIG4. The idea of OT-ing till 4am and learning about accounting treatments and providing assurance to shareholders makes me aroused. I also like the fact that auditors in BIG4 are recession proof and we will never be laid off. Good times bad times also need auditors tio boh?! And best part is every year our pay shiok. I want to stay in audit forever. I have found my calling in life and that is all I want to do. Even if I cannot be partner, SM pay oso not bad 5 figure per month.
High quality troll spotted. Being able to mix 30% lie and 70% truths is an art.

No one likes the OTing except those people with family problems don’t want to go home.
Some people may be nerdy about the accounting treatment.
You need to seek mental help if you’re getting stouter.
Job stability is correct.
Annual pay increase… mostly correct except during covid
Audit for life… ok suit yourself
Cannot make partner will can make SM… ok la, need a certain endurance to make is there.

Now SM pay got 5 figure already?

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