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Most of the NUS / SMU / NTU types are grinders. 18-20 months of internships (3 x 3mth summer internships + 1-2 x 6 mth off-cycle). Very clear these are not the “rich daddy” types. Involved in a million investment clubs, case competitions, etc. Solid technicals, but can veer into being too hardo. And they have a good mix of social and hardworking skills. My feeling is 80% of them can party / club / drink hard and work till 2-3am. Can live it up with expensive meals every weekend, travel whenever they can.

The ‘rich daddy’ types are quite easy to spot - tier 3+ US college (USC, no name east or west coast colleges), no hardo vibes, smooth and can talk to MDs and senior folks without much nervousness (presumably because they meet lots of them socially in their family life). Typically done a couple of internships in the US/UK too where it’s less competitive. Technicals are ****, but some can get better. Banks also don’t practice white horse intern hiring as explicitly as before - because they have been clamped down on before.

Last group are the ivy leaguer / oxbridge types. Rarer these days. Some are more cerebral, others are more social - sometimes hard to tell if they got there boosted by a wealthy upbringing or were academic hardos in JC/uni. Probably the least hardo of the bunch. Representation in large US buyside funds is slightly more than IB pro-rata, esp for the US ivy grads.
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