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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
before I joined, the horror story was the peak last for 2-3 months of intense OT until midnight (which I ASSUMED is 12 am )

In reality due to the shortage of jhk associates and ganchiong jhk mgr trying to promote, my peak month is abt half the year. And the OT timing is insane, until 3-4 am

I have to quit because I have developed some severe health issues . I started to feel dizzy in the morning when I woke up, feeling unergetic even if I slept a lot . I gained significant weight but Iím not eating much too. Screwed up metabolism probably

Is sad to see those in big 4 Dinobu snr mgr witb big eye bags, pimples all over the face and an obese body, single at 35 and still live with parents cos big 4 salary not big enuf to buy own house at that age

Sh*t show
No amount of money can buy back your health and time wasted doing OT everyday
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