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Like most countries in the world, Singapore has both public and private healthcare. All medical institutions, regardless of the form of ownership, are equipped with the latest equipment, and the service is equally impeccable, only in private hospitals can the examination and treatment process be organized much faster. Medical tourism is very developed in Singapore, patients from all over the world come here for treatment. But if you do not have the opportunity to come to Singapore for quality treatment, from my personal experience I can recommend [URL="s://"][/. Specialized doctors with the latest equipment also graduate from this university, and treatment will cost you much
Caribbean Medical School lol!

Thats where all the North American Medical School rejects go to ans then out MD at the back of their names but can never get into a residency training position.

Biggest scam ever.

Great if you are happy to have MD at the back of your name but work as clinic manager or recruiter

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