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Actually anyone mind sharing what’s the different people supposed to do? Quite confused with all the titles of those involved when you start work. Or what’s the few people you should know and work closely with? CC, people lead, project leader, etc
This is my rough understanding since it was only gone through once, briefly during start of project.

If I'm not mistaken, CC (Career Counsellor) = People Lead.
They're supposed to be someone partially like your boss (e.g. you can bring up problems / thoughts / feelings / ideas about work) but mainly like a counsellor for work (where you can discuss about your role, future prospects, etc). They're also responsible for discussing with the higher ups about whether you should get a promotion every 6 months. So far, my group have almost never heard from these ghosts except asking a few questions at the start.

Then for tech, the general roles are
- Project Leader : Person in charge of the entire project, almost never has anything to do with you, yet.
- Supervisor : Just below project lead, will chase team leader (and you if they micromanage) to do everything.
- Team Leader : Supposed to be in-charge of a department. Also has little to do with you outside of meetings because your other seniors will likely tell you sotongs what to do.

There are other roles / fancy titles, but depending on how structured the project is, it can be quite meaningless. Considering you call everyone by name and if the project is short-staffed, your seniors will be handling multiple departments, there's almost no point saying "This senior is in-charge of department A" because you end up approaching the same few people for anything and everything.

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