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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My estimate: 3.5k.
To TS, you better join civil service if you got 2nd upper, you see the person below , 5 years can hit 5 years in micron ~$3.5k....see the difference...

i dunno how much bonus micron give out, but civil service give out 4 month(inclusive AWS on average)

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
My background:
2nd upper Science Graduate (NUS). Class of 2007. Civil Servant.
Earning $4.4k gross monthly. I'm not a scholar btw. I will be age 28 by year end 2010.

$4.4k is my gross monthly salary (doesnt include the bonuses).
Starting pay was $3.3k in 2007
Went up to $3.6k in 2008
Then to $3.8k in 2009
Then to $4.4k in 2010
estimate $4.7k in 2011
estimate $5.2k in 2012 (feb salary adjustment)
estimate at least $5.5k by Apr2012(after merit increment)

By default, you get an annual increase in pay (called merit increment;dependent whether u perform well at work) and on top of that a promotional increment (if you get promoted to a higher job-grade)

Hope this will give you a guage of your salary.
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