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Classroom management skills is #1 priority before curriculum teaching. A good teacher is able to design a lesson that caters to all needs. Highly recommend “Five Moore Minutes” video series on how to do so.
Of course it is. Although there are a good number of modern Singaporean classrooms where the learner profiles are so diverse. In some single stream schools you may have to support the needs of some of the top students in the cohort and also DSA students who need more time and also SEN students who need more personalised attention.. all within the same class. Can teachers do it? Yes of course, there are many colleagues right now who are doing their best to adapt and are achieving some level of success. But can the system be improved? YES. Cutting class sizes for such class profiles is going to be immensely beneficial. Like mentioned, as FSBB rolls into more schools, these profiles are going to be more and more common.
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