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Originally Posted by quantdonny View Post
Hey QXP,

You're welcome. You commenting on my post as sub sub financial sector is modestly accurate. Yes, I know that local banks do have M&A roles (though I'm not entirely sure what market they engage in considering the fact that BB banks are in Singapore to stay) and that each role and function of any party (say, prop trading in investment banks) in finance runs deeper than what I mentioned. Still, just thought a 5 min introduction would be helpful to the original poster.

Oh yeah, and about that. I would place the chances of him getting any sort of role in FO must lower than the two alternatives I suggested. If, I recall, he is coming from a Poly background. The route to FO is pretty standard if you look from the point of view of qualitification. That is, graduate top 70% from local Uni or top US Uni and become Morgan Stanley's 2013 class of analyst.

Thus, I feel that branding might be another issue he might face. There is not much of a strong academic background he can offer when he signs up for the job. Thus, he needs to settle for the lesser, or lower-tier places, local banks and not investment banks. Correct me if I'm wrong, I feel that Private banking is the most generic out of the lot. Hence, my initial suggestion of that.

As for his potential pay vs the damage he'll suffer, that is his personal decision. It's highly likely that his pay entering finance as a junior will be lower than the pay he is getting now. MBA jump into workforce as associate, probable. MO jump into FO, possible. But engineering into finance at higher or equal pay, yup, agreed with you. He will be making less.
Hey guys, thanks for all the valuable lessons. I don't mind the pay cut because i wanna change due to a new type of environment. Actually i am already taking part time MBA hoping that i could branch into the business(general description) sector (long term plan).
I will look into more details of what i wanna be in and ask you guys whether is it feasible.

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