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I think there's a common agreement here that the ministry needs to do something about the system which is crippling many of the ordinary teachers (majority of the workforce) out there.

Reducing class sizes really does help a lot for an average teacher out there...

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So many assumptions in this post. You are first assuming that teaching quality is consistently high across all teachers at the moment, and that with reduced class sizes, teaching quality might improve. If you have had a chance to observe teachers in the classroom, you might realize that with some teachers, even giving them a 1:1 student ratio, they still canít teach
...But this post really does have a point too. Should I also add that quote a number are KPs? And they do not need to undergo lesson observations? Which worsens the problem further each year?

From a HR point of view, this problem kinda surfaced when there were massive recruitment exercises 15-20 years ago, where any random Tom Dick and Harry can get easily hired. These groups of people are currently the Gen X or boomers, some of whom are also KPs occupying space in the current system.

Going back to the big picture, it would seem that majority (and increasing too) of the challenges are now system/nationwide, rather than just problems isolated within certain schools. Everyone agrees that education is important, but because the economic value is not immediate and obvious, it seems like less resources will be invested in it?

In the past, the truly anonymous school climate survey can be weaponised against SLs or KPs if there are school wide issues. The surveys conducted now are definitely not anonymous anymore and seem to be done for the sake of doing it only. And now with issues that seem to be system/nation wide (yet seemingly swept under the carpet), is there even a channel or avenue for feedback?

Or is the only way doing extreme things like reconsidering our votes during elections?

Sorry, just doing See Think Wonder and Making Thinking Visible.
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