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Blaming the declining birth rate is simply parroting what youíre told by your higher ups. Since you talk abt connecting the dots, how abt exercising what you preach regarding the declining birth rates?

If schools/MOE are willing and committed to improve the student to teacher ratio, the increase in quality of learning will reap benefits manyfolds. it might even spur our local population to consider starting families and having more kids.

the decision/policy makers took so much effort to emulate the education system of other developed countries (Finland etc) through overseas visits & observations etc, but somehow stopped short of modelling (or conveniently ignored) the classroom size in such countries.

the change in student teacher ratio will definitely impact other national considerations. but since we claim we care so much abt our ppleís education, then those other national considerations need to be readjusted accordingly.

iím not a disgruntled educator. thereíre many merits in Singaporeís education system. however, itís not a perfect one, and thereís much more that can be done. as much as we try to encourage our students to be critical thinkers, we ourselves need to be one. otherwise this echo chamber syndrome will lead us to a vicious cycle of self detriment

So many assumptions in this post. You are first assuming that teaching quality is consistently high across all teachers at the moment, and that with reduced class sizes, teaching quality might improve. If you have had a chance to observe teachers in the classroom, you might realize that with some teachers, even giving them a 1:1 student ratio, they still canít teach
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