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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
when covid is at its worse, which gov agency steps up? Defence....
when there is big international events or incidents, which gov agency steps up? Defence
pls wake up and see why defence is emphasized especially when ukraine is able to defend so long with its citizen army.
Please la, MINDEF only came in at the end to wayang because they got a supply of free labour (hello NSFs). Which other gov agency got free labour to use?

Big international events or incidents are done by different ministries. Financial events are organized by MOF and MAS. Environmental events are organized by MSE. Shangri-La Dialogue is organized by MINDEF. If got financial crisis who respond? Of course MTI, MOF, and MAS la. If got flooding who respond? Of course LTA and PUB la.

You so blinded by your support for MINDEF that you keep thinking MINDEF has the heaviest responsibility in Singapore. This is wrong.

There is no doubt that Defence is important. No one disputes this. But this cannot be a cheat code to extract as much resources as you can from the national budget. The fact of the matter is that Defence has been playing up this reason to justify its ridiculous spending. There is so much waste in MINDEF and SAF lying around. People order things they don't use. Hire people for roles that are unnecessary. It's sad that this behaviour continues to be accepted because whenever you challenge them, they will just say that "defence is paramount" and that the "output of their work cannot be quantified".

I'm sure there are many roles in MINDEF that are crucial to the security of the country. But I'm also sure that there are just as many roles in MINDEF that do not serve a real purpose. It's high time for a detailed and impartial review of the job functions in MINDEF. Keep what we want and discard the rest.

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