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Idealistic suggestions but lack of concrete solutions. As a start, volunteer yourself in your school's timetabling committee then you will truly understand the constraints and struggle of resource allocation.

All of us can agree that no system is perfect but what we can do is to strike a nice balance between idealism and reality. We are not blindly following the Senior Management but like you say, we need to be critical yet honest to face the harsh realities we are in.

Walk through the fire so that you may reach your calling.
Im not the person you are replying but I can see you are frustrated & feel misunderstood (work is tough we understand). But I think using timetabling comm as a comparison to class size for resource allocation difficulties is not a very valid comparison as timetabling comm constraints is partly cos of systemic induced constraints which the other person was asking for change, both sides want a more effective system, don't fight with your emotions and jiayou for your work!
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