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Hi All,

If my performance grade for this year was a C-, would this disadvantage me when I go for interviews with other schools during APEX?

Like will other interviewees have better prospects of being selected ahead of me?
No definitely. I was a D grader back then as my RO don't like me. I complained to MOE and changed a RO. Then I applied for open posting. I managed to get another school which my new principal asked me to forget about the past. It is quite true when people say, "Don't stay at a place which don't value and appreciate you. Go to a place where people value you and appreciate you." I am working as hard as I used to be but I am happier at the new school. Good leaders don't look at your grades. They can see your strength which your old school leaders could not see. So, go to a new place which the new school cherish you. Don't suffer in silence, get out quickly. Start anew in a new school.
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