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Blame on the declining birth rate. If you compare to the 80s and 90s, the educational landscapes back then were much simpler as we had sufficient kids to maintain the scale of operation. At least, MOE is not embarking on any retrenchment drives.

As an educator, we need to look at the situation objectively.
This is horse ****. If MOE is going to keep their "excess" teachers on payroll, instead of moaning about the excess, they can reduce the class sizes. If they want to reduce the education service's draw on the labour pool, then retrench teachers or provide incentives for them to jump to other areas of civil/public service, or provide incentives for private sector employers to take in teachers.

Since they already have the teachers and are not intending to forcibly downsize (read: retrench), then why not deploy them meaningfully?

Or is it because we afraid that in the future, we might become too accustomed to the improved teacher wellbeing and student outcomes that it becomes too difficult to turn back..?
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