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From the way it seems, only fact is the hr team or on-boarding team at ACN sucks LOLLL. Never heard of such a messy offer process and what’s the purpose of a background check if it drags for months even into your work? Background check is to check on the employee but if the employee is able to work first even before the background check is concluded then what’s the purpose of it LOLLl. So again shows that ACN just sucks basically. Anyway no one will stay in this company all the way, many leave after a year or two. Only those that are incompetent remains cos no where else to go LOL. To all fresh grads joining as a first job, leave to better firms after 2 years at most. Never seen anyone praising this company but only have many terrible things to say.
if your background check is completed within a short period of time, it means you haven't had any background to begin with. The more experience and credentials you have, the longer it takes.
Also, do you know what's a probation period? If you fail your background check, ACCN will terminate your contract.

This forum is truly full of clowns. But yes, the company is mostly dog shite. Nice to have on resume, but a worthless place to stay in the long term
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