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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post even label them as "low level DXOs". Please get off your high horse.

We all know defence is important. No one disputes this.

But we also know that defence is given a ridiculously high portion of the budget that is not even subject to audit !!! How absurd is this?

I have family members who are DXOs and I know for sure that a lot of their work is just due to unnecessary bloating of the organization that cannot stop. Ask them how crucial their work is to the defence purpose of MINDEF, and most of them will not be able to give you a straight answer.

These DXOs don't even face the same stress that arises from working with members of the public. I'm not saying this out of spite, but its embarassing that other stat boards and ministries are getting less remuneration just because MINDEF keeps spewing the holy word of "defence" to justify its excessive budget.
there again, you need to expand your horizons or get more information regarding DXOs. im unsure what your DXOs family members is doing or at what level are they working as. if they are working adminstratively in HR or finance and think they dont contribute enough, thats pretty sad. every organisation's admin roles are not crucial in their eyes or your eyes probably. but it would not function without them. but i digress.

stress is subjective. again, you have to be inside an organisation to understand the culture. unless you are implying that all public facing stat boards are more stressful than those who are not as a generalization, then i cant help you. DXOs do have operational roles btw. again, maybe expand your knowledge more.

im not here to debate. i only request you to keep an open mind about what DXOs do and not use a 'frog in well' attitude to dismiss what DXOs do. Btw, from what you said about defence not subjected to audit, you have already shown your lack of awareness or knowledge about govt organisations and how they are accountable to the public. maybe talk to more people and understand better. cheers.

defence budget is a whole other topic. theres a reason for it being the highest. if you truly understand singapores position in the world, then you would know. have a great day.
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