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let me add on

mgmt are more interested in the way you present yourself - the way you talk, the way you walk, the time you reach office
rather than the work you do.

so you are better off doing as little as possible than to volunteer for software changes and fixes because you can fix 100 defects but if any single defect goes into prod and fails, you'll be marked down during appraisal.

also a mgr came to me and told me, xxxyyy was marked down during appraisal because he posted xxx on fb and this was brought up during the appraisal. better becareful what you post online.

another true story, i know of a guy who does NOTHING at work everyday and was given D for appraisal yoy but was still employed by the company.
very good for bottom feeders and stock market gurus. if you are the kind who intends to take work seriously, maybe come back when you intend to retire.

at least that's what i plan on doing.

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