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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I agree with him. If u looking for stable income or u got side income. This job is definitely is for you. No night meeting, just follow order like SAF, donít need to use brain, easy life.

9am come to work
9:30 start work
11:30am lunch
1:30 come back from lunch
2:00 start your work
4:00 go teabreak
5:00 go back office act busy
5:45 pack your bag.

The stress part is act busy. So this is my schedule so far.
was just browsing these forums because i have a job offer which i'm considering and i wanted to validate the authenticity of the content on these forums so i searched for a company that i worked for previously and i chanced upon this post

word for word could have came out of my own mouth.

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