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Yes regret a lot.

You see in GP land customer is king. And you have to face many many many of these customers in order to make good money. The more customers you have the MORE likely you will get those really sibeh vomit blood patient who are either just so stupid or just trying to make your life difficult and you have to kowtow to them smile be nice.
Eventually you lose your sense of self worth.
So what got some money? Lose all your pride and self respect.
And the money? Nothing big lah. Not like get rich and can retire in 10 years. Still have to work till die.
everywhere customer is king ma. u work in hospital or polyclinic deal with idiotic patients also need to kowtow , smile and be nice nice.

polyclinic patient worse still.
-charge 6.9 nia can complain why see me at 9am when appointment time is 8:45. Say whats the point of appointment if cannot zun zun see at 8:45. really roll eyes at them.
- always request 10 thousand standby meds
- ask u chk the mole, the hair, the itchy anus, the rash as if the 6.9 very big. then tell u they chest pain , head pain , teeth pain and leg pain.
- anything say will complain to MP , MOH

in private the more the patient ask , the more money u can make. Irritating patient u smile this time, then just ask the receptionist to blacklist them lor ' auntie , clinic full liao , sorry' . I did private GP never see one rude patient before. In polyclinic really NBCB some of them

end of the day, earn the money , treat it as a job, dun think too much. invest safely and FIRE

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