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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What about corporate lawyer compared to litigation lawyer?

does the former has better work life balance and less stress?
As always with lawyers, it depends.

In my opinion however, the general rule is that litigation is more stressful.

You're in a much more combative environment, which often translates to a toxic internal team culture.

Timelines are far more relevant and common, and the consequences of missing them are more dire.

Adding to the stress is the make or break, all-in mentality of litigation.

You will live in the office during trial / arbitration.

On the flip side, depending on the team corporate can be more stressful, a sort of slow burn, if you end up working on many transactions at the same time as there is no 'downtime between trials'. Just a never-ending churn of transactions. Also possible that corporate clients can be more demanding, and because timelines are set by clients instead of the court, they can be much more unreasonable.

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