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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
don't be lured by these quick get rich scheme
all those that break bond for ctf or locum work over last 1 to 2 years now regretting
locum rates back to 100 per hour at best
so many fresh body for chains to hire.

steady steady work and train up.
ac is 12k, with bonus is 15k.
v easy hit 20k on average next. u work hard for 10 years get there u chill till u retire
u leave for this false promise of 19k, find cannot sustain end up become hired gp forever at mercy of chains and younger people who leave the system that can tank more than you, then u struggle till u retire
Nice try. U hospital admin or mohh trying to con ppl into slogging it out in public ah

why slog so hard for an non-guaranteed chance for a pot of gold (which btw isnt a very big pot anyway) when u can access the honey now. new gen of drs not so stupid already.

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