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The main reason is because I'm concerned that my entire career will be down to the degree I choose now, so I hope I won't regret the decision I make.

I will be practical here; my A level grades are far from ideal, I only managed to get ACC/C, so the courses I'm considering are :

NTU Mateuals Science and Engineering
NUS Civil Engineering
NUS Engineering
NUS Archiecture
NTU Civil Engineering

To be frank, I dont have any interest in any particular course, as I have yet to really exposed to the course yet( not sure if I'm the only one). But I'm more inclined towards civil engineering as it's quite broad and open to private and govt sectors as well. But I'm quite disheartened after reading on .

People I asked around always say go where your passion lies, but to me i feel that the market for industry as well as future prospects is more important. Pardon and correct me if I'm wrong.
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