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if you wanna do a technical-related degree, don't do engineering. do IS in SMU.

Originally Posted by Chewbm View Post
This thread is concerning the income earned by fresh graduates in I referenced from

The Dumping Grounds by Starting Pay (Gross Monthly)
1. NUS Applied Science $2,427 ($2,800)
2. NUS Engineering Science $2,571 ($3,000)
3. NTU Art, Design & Media $2,600 ($3,150)
4. NTU English Literature $2,603 ($3,050)
5. NUS Arts $2,627 ($2,900)
6. NUS Science $2,653 ($2,900)
7. NUS Nursing $2,655 ($2,800)
8. NUS Project and Facilities Management $2,657 ($2,800)
9. NUS Business Administration (Accountancy) $2,692 ($2,600)
10. NUS Civil Engineering $2,757 ($2,800)
11. NUS Real Estate $2,762 ($3,000)
12. NTU Accountancy (3-yr direct Honours programme) $2,778 ($2,775)
13. NUS Bioengineering $2,804 ($3,000)
14. SMU Social Sciences (4-yr programme) $2,824 ($3,200)

Are these degrees really considered dumping grounds,as even though the starting pay might be low, isit related to the future income earned by the graduates after working gaining few years of experience? Let's compare for e.g: NUS Civil Engineering $2,757 ($2,800)
NUS Architecture $3,445 ($3,700)
The starting pay might be lower for nus civil engineering but come a few years of experience for both, will the pay for nus civil engineering be higher than Nus architecture?

Kindly help me as I'm very stressed out from choose which degree to take, as I'm concerned in the stangancy in the income in engineering courses..
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