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I am a middle manager like you do. Technically, it is impossible for you to be a C grade GEO 4/5 HOD because of the portfolio you are holding, the impact of your work compared to regular teachers
I am the previous post owner who questioned the OPís claim that 1/3 of the HODs in his/her school are Geo 4. It makes things worse when he/she claimed that they are C performers. Come on, HOD at Geo 4 will NEVER be a C grader, since you would have outperformed the other officers, including non-appointment holder at the same grade. Giving a Geo 4 HOD C grade. One thing the person must learn is to take things said by KP with a pinch of salt. Life is not a bed of roses with everyone being frank.

I am an experienced KP and I can safely said that having a third of the HODs at Geo 4 is bs.

Facts check is necessary. Donít create unnecessary confusion.
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