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Your white shoe numbers are too low. Cravath starting is already 215k USD = 300k SGD (not including bonuses). 4 - 5 years in would be close to 480k (not including bonuses). Big law salaries (at least at the NQ level) are a matter of public record so go ahead and verify.
Yes lawyer sir but you are conveniently excluding a year of traineeship / bar etc and also the process of lateralling from local law firms where theres some discount on years of experience. Rarely do US law firms take fresh grads directly (except Latham taking 1-2 oxbridge law grads?). In UK you also take 2 years after graduating to qualify for US biglaw starting.

Assume 2 yrs to muck around + 4 yrs xp at Latham = 300k USD thereabouts = 400k SGD.

s:// - lets say class of 2016/2017 (4-5yoe).

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