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Hi guys, HO here who has just started out! After my 5th call I look down the road and realise I don't think I can do this for the rest of my life. I used to have dreams of becoming a cardiologist but looking at the road ahead and the saikang a GM junior MO has to do before fighting for senior residency I don't think it may be worth it anymore. Wanted to ask about what is the best way to plan MOPEX such that I can avoid calls and perhaps have more time for other things? Am sorry, am struggling to adapt
Hey. Donít worry. After the 5th call, most aspiring cardiologist oncologist surgeons etc will wanna quit.
Rough it out first for the first year and donít make your plans now when you are feeling down.
Do your best in your postings, it will serve you well to build a good reputation.

If you want a way out, thereís always a way next time but donít burn your bridges too soon.
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