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Originally Posted by taco View Post
As titled, currently in my early 30s(M) with about $7k salary (before CPF deduction). Wonder how peers who are around the same age and earn about the same as me mange to pay for:
- HDB loans (either BTO or resale) and
- afford a car (either first/second hand) with petrol/carpark and
- have a kid and
- support parents through monthly allowance
and still have some remaining to save & invest.

Finding it difficult. Hoping some peer can shed some light on how they manage their finance.

If possible get bto (hdb loan instead of bank loan)
Evaluate the need of car, sg so small dun really need car unless ur parents are handicapped.
Same go for allowance, instead of following the norm, if your parents doesn't need can just keep.

Invest early, start early. Hope you already settle your insurances already.

Basically , live within your means , doesn't mean you earn higher must spend more
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