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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sorry for hijacking this active thread for DBS employment processes.
Anyone actually applied for one of their opened position from their career site and can share the process, pls do not share any confidential information like salary, packages etc

Couple of weeks ago, I applied directly for an opened position for DBS, IT Infra engineering role.

Went through 3 rounds of interview. 2 with VP and 1 with HR.
All were positive while the HR round was hopefully as they shared non public data like welfare and some other staff benefits.

On the same day after the interview with HR. Received automated email from DBS to submit personal documents like past payslips, appraisals and NRIC etc together with CBS report via taleo.

By the looks of it, everything seems to be on a positive side. Anyone has the same experience?
I'm in the same boat...

Got a competing offer that's due next Wednesday and I am still waiting for the god damn response from DBS. Apparently their HR process takes up to 3 weeks or something that's insane.

I just want to know what the current offer is so that I can negotiate my other offers with lmfao.
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