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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
That moron is lying to you LMAO.

NCS does use Python, I don't know about JavaScript but definitely Python... Literally go look at their LinkedIn Page and the projects that they have worked on...'

Their research roles literally all use Python. Also what WLB ******** are people talking about here? You read a bunch of ancedotal evidence trash from forums / reddit from people you don't even know? LOL

I could say NCS = Godtier WLB, 10k base pay, would you believe me? No right? Don't be so dumb lmao no wonder you got rejected from DBS.
dude chill... i mean i dont know hence why i asked to clarify... jesus

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
It is highly dependent on proj. Usually projs dont use open source stuff like python, JS is likely tho for software dev. Python is more for POCs and not the heavy development work. Best to check with hiring manager. Also no reason for you to take a pay cut to ncs, easily better opportunities out there.

Source: From the sh1thole ncs and much happier moving to a tech company while rejecting companies like dbs along the way.
hey man yeah i just checked with my friends and they said the same thing you did haha my apologies,

well this kind of sucks, i hate having to interview again but i guess it is what it is, thanks again!
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