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If youíre not retained in a small firm, should you still stay in the same practice area (Liti) after qualifying, try another area or pivot out of law entirely? Boss had nothing but criticisms about my work standards and personality when he told me he wouldnít retain me. Since the start of the tc, I was assigned to more menial tasks compared to other trainees who came from higher ranked unis. Deep down, I felt that I was not really part of the team doing the real work and even after requesting for more work, I still never really had much learning opportunities in terms of file exposure. To him, Iím not as fast/smart/jovial as the other trainees. At times, he would single me out in front of everyone to comment on a particular mistake that I have made although other trainees have done the same as well. I have made mistakes along the way but I have tried to improve on the aspects that he had criticised me for and did my assigned tasks nevertheless. I come to office punctually and work late as and when it was required as well. I have come to terms that he doesnít like me as a person generally and as much as I try to remain positive, Iím not sure how this non retention will aggravate my chances with future employers in the same area. Would anyone be able to share their experiences on how they moved on after not being retained and how they are doing in their new firms? Also, any tips for improving working relationship with future bosses? Thank you.
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