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Would appreciate any insights please. Thank you.

- Friend made a referral for me to join his agency (Ministry).
- HR got in touch rather quickly to schedule an interview.
- Exp/skillsets fit the requirements of the job and my friend told me I was shortlisted by his boss.
- Post interview, at the 5th week mark, my current company's HR told me the Min has reached out to them for reference checks and asked if I would be taking up their offer.
- Since I have yet to receive any offer, I checked in with the HR, who told me that they may take up to 8th weeks due to high no. of applicants they are processing.
- At the 6th week mark, friend told me his boss has also sent HR a chaser.
- I checked in at the 8th week mark, was given the same reply that they are processing my application, may take up to 8 weeks etc.
- Currently its approaching 9 weeks.

Any insights on what might be going on? Does HR just needs more time to make the offer? i read that its hiring dept who makes the decision on who to hire. HR wouldn't have a different opinion? The offer will come; its just a matter of time?

Thank you.
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