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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
They would be really dumb to continue their admission application now, their names are already out PLUS admission is not even guaranteed after half a year. The writing is already on the wall that they must still show "fit and proper character" magically in 6 or 12 months or wtv.

Unless their father owns a law firm or something, there is no way that they will "restart on a clean slate". Literally everyone knows their names by now. Imagine in a litigation suit, the other firm just needs to tell their clients that they were a cheater, so I honestly doubt they will get far in their legal career. After thinking about this as a whole, perhaps the judge was pretty deliberate with this decision to maybe allow the 6 to go and find other careers.

If I were them, I would just gtfo and find other career options. At least no one will have any inkling of their names unless the seal on the names is appealed or something. It's a second chance, framed in a different way.
on your hypothetical, PCR doesnt allow you to communicate with opposing counsel's client in normal circumstances. also it's not kosher to make allegations against fellow members of the bar - you would be stating a historical fact yes, but intention here is clearly to tarnish their present professional integrity.

and if they do make it into the profession and tough it out, there is something to be respected in that, at least by a fellow member of the bar ("Facing them in this way, one develops the character of fortitude that the path forward requires."). who never made mistakes?

some of the outcry against the leniency/redaction was basically along the lines of i worked hard to get into this profession, why should they get a pass / this is an honourable profession, where is the accountability.

surely there are worse actual lawyers who never had to stand before a DT/C3J. if readers of this thread accuse each other of being humji about revealing the 6's names (prior to the unsealing), people are even more humji about the real terrible lawyers at least on public forums.

these 6 dont have to be the sacrificial lambs just so that we can feel good about our profession.

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