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Originally Posted by jonny View Post
During interview they said it’s a strategic role where I am required to engage numerous senior stakeholders and influence them on key business decisions.

Interviewer told me they require someone technically very strong with innovative thinking, that’s why willing to consider people outside of banking.

Now you say until like that, really sian 50%.
These days words like “strategic”, “innovation”, “engagement”, “leadership” and the likes are thrown about liberally by many companies and that includes banks. You don’t need to read too much into that.

I think you’ve also got to be realistic in your expectations. Did you honestly think a bank is going to offer someone with no relevant experience like yourself a strategic role where you will be discussing with MDs and EVPs about banking policies and long term strategies?

Honestly it would be quite an achievement if you manage to get an offer from them for this role. It would be a good head start.

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