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You are obviously very young, naiive and still wet behind the ears.
What you are describing is the current TREND of employment. Tech may be hot NOW but it wasn't that way 15-20 years ago and it may not be 15-20 years from today.
Don't need to be too harsh. People do not know what they do not know. Most people do not look at cycles and focus on what is likely in next 2-3 years (which is tech will still pay well)

The young SWE / tech seem to think their industry is infallible. But they probably dunno that it is actually not that hot just a couple of years back even though big tech firms are always around. Computer Science cut off for local uni has a pretty low bar if you just look at it a few years back, and I don't think the local graduates are paid that well in 2010s. Obviously we have more tech firms now. But things like uber, facebook, amazon and others have been around since early 2010s.

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