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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Was it a phone call or the automated email?

If it's the automated email then no, they typically use the same email templates. If you remember your TT invitation, you will notice that there's a grammar mistake in the title. It's been there since 2018.

If it's a phone call then congratulations! You are part of the group that will receive the NEW updated offer. ( Not 2 year contract, it's better, trust me )

You should receive onboarding documents weeks before your start date.

Those who got offered in March or earlier, I believe HR said they will send the documents soon but this is delayed because of the Tech sharing sessions we had throughout mid march...

You will most likely get them after TT5.
Is there a networking or meeting up in early May like what some people have been posting earlier? Will they tell us things last minute?
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