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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
What's the progress like? How long at each subgrade
Entered teaching may 25 2011 geo 2(old scheme)
2012 ranked C (Default)
2013 ranked C+
2014 ranked C+
2015 ranked C+
2016 Emplaced to GEO 2 ranked C+(new scheme)
2017 ranked C told it was a default C
2018 ranked B
2019 Ranked A promoted to GEO 3
2020 ranked C+
2021 ranked C+
2022 ranked C

I was told that although i was emplaced my work experience wont contribute in accelerating my promotion and younger officer still promote faster than me. When i ask my SLs they give the standard template answer that moe will promote officers on the ability to perform at a higher sub grade but it is the age old excuse.

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