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Agree with Schools Div, a lot of high flyers who are not necessarily prestige scholars strategically go to SD to become Special Assistants. It's a good place to network with Cluster Supts and school leaders, and generally make yourself known .. if you do good work and manage to stand out amongst the go-getters.

CPDD and other Professional Wing divisions.. not so much, tbh. Yes, it's true that pretty much any HQ posting will prepare you in some way for taking up higher appt in schools, but you will still somewhat lack a broad policy view if you are working mainly in curriculum subject teams.
As a former HQ officer, I beg to differ. You can shine anywhere u go in HQ. You are practically involved in policy making in HQ and macro-perspectives acquired will allow you to appreciate the stragetic planning done in school. You will able to see the broad picture, identify and differentiate between structure, processes and activities.

What you are doing in HQ from CPO to AEB, you are at least working on processes that effect at National level, so don't limit yourself to the presumed different prestige of branches or units in HQ. In essence, every HQ work counts.

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