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MOE or civil service in general is unlike private sector where the higher position u take, the more salary u get, the more shaky your job security if you do not perform. Why should private sector companies pay someone so much if someone else can do the same role for a lower pay?

In contrast, in MOE, the higher up u go, some kps will slack as the kp feel that he/she is more or less up there already. Their salary is already higher than the other non kp teachers , but at the same time its not as if they will be fired or demoted if they underperform, so some of them will just do bare minimum n continue to hog the HOD spot.

they will then push everything to people under them to do, telling officers under them that if they want to be promoted faster, then they have to do more. V good excuse to dump everything to the lower geo officers. But the fact is only some of the lower geo officers will get promoted as i believe there's a quota. so inevitably, some of the lower geo officers will have to do a lot but be denied promotion. Sooner or later, these few sacrificial lambs will burn out n leave the service. Then there will be new blood coming in. Kps will just repeat the process of dumping all the work to people under them n telling them they have to work harder to be promoted faster. Only some will be promoted n some will be sacrificed. Rinse n repeat. All the while KPs are just relaxing up there while teachers under them work like crazy, with some being sacrificed.
Donít generalise the situation just because of what you may be experiencing. There are bad KPs, just like there are cmi JHs. There are also responsible KPs who slog their guts out. Behind the scene, KPs have additional department planning and other duties which you may not be fully aware. The offloading of their teaching periods is not a given. In some schools, the KPs still take on cca and perform FT-ship on top of their teaching load.

I have my fair share of encounters with useless KPs who did nothing but shoot their mouths. There are also extremely nice KPs who developed me and supported me well in my educational journey.
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