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On my way to HQ next year on FHQ posting, but already thinking of throwing letter. Have been internally appointed as SH for one year then HOD this year, with full teaching load. Not yet a confirmed KP because only promoted to geo4 this year. The work life balance is nonexistent. My normal teacher job eats up 60-80 hours a week, then I have to pull multiple allnighters a week to complete HOD work. I estimate I work about 100-110 hours per week in total.

School says I have high CEP and a good future but my promotion rate doesn't really match up to expectations.

I suppose HQ protects our worklife "harmony" a bit better? Help me understand if I should just give up now and seek greener pastures elsewhere..

Depends on which division/department you get posted to in HQ. Some are workaholic units and you are competing with higher calibre officers in ranking so whatever good PB you are getting now in school, may just be a C or D in HQ.

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