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Originally Posted by zero_88 View Post

this dec u will be promoted

but kinda weird, u say u only join accenture for 1+ year, how come they give u credit for extra MAL?

U shld wait another 2 years if u just being promoted, but I am not management, I have no say in what is happening

the system also a bit cock up one

usually extra MAL credit is for senior member who join before the tapper program start
I have 2 years experience before I joined Accenture, so it was reflected as 24 months MAL from day 1. After promoted to CL10Y2, the number decreased to 12 in Jan. I joined the first few batch of TAP program.

If I need to wait 2 years, my MAL would be 40+ months. Not going to wait thar long. Just staying for December.

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