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why would you think you have any leverage on pay when they have a bucket load of backup candidates
yea you're 100% right but sadly i didnt know they had so many backups lol in the end i regretted taking DBS... thought this was some prestigious programme... been here 3 months already so far i learned what i could have learned on my own in 1 week lol

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Isnít the bonus variable based on performance? How do you know bonus is very high?
I have a few friends from BA degree inside the seed program, they told me they got 2-3 months bonus off base pay, that's $10 - $15k a year.

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current seeder? Is first month purely training and do they give any information before your first day?
yeah Jan 2022 intake.

not much info. first month you don't do much... 2nd month u get put with other seeders and a few ex-seeders / long term seeders to mentor / guide you.. but just a warning, they don't really know much lol.

maybe its just my luck, I'm a CS grad and my mentors were engineering grads / non-cs. so a lot of the things that they wanted me to do were like my Y1 uni projects...

I also wanted to use specific tech-stack over what they recommended cause I had my reasons as to why but they rejected it.

so yeah not much flexibility on how you want to do your tasks which sucks a lot... also the OT culture here is insane, you practically don't stop working and messages go off even at 9-10pm lol. I mean I dont know what is it like at other tech companies but WLB is pretty **** here.
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