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Real risk management job (not the admin, check for compliance kind) requires serious financial modelling skills in a bank, it is not a job that people who dun really know Finance can just talk c0ck and smoke his way out.
Glad to hear that, my background is R&D digital signal processing with masters from NUS-MIT alliance. I just finish reading the Stochastic Calculus for Finance book by Steven E. Shreve, a bit like quantum mechanics of mathematics which I studied for physics. I find it pretty easy for me - with my DSP knowledge, I can easily use fast-fourier transform to solve some excerise in the book.
My friend, a trader, is trying to arrange a job in a bank for me, but it is put on hold as there is no headcount. Not sure what the job entails but something to price and risk manage some counterparty otc contracts, but my friend jokingly says if I can smoke and talk cock very well e.g. prove that black-scholes equation wrong, I will get the job immediately.
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